Sunday, 1 February 2015

Be matured ?

We are same. Just we look the world differently.

Being welcomed by a group of happy faces during our birth,
We are same.

But how we be able to make the happy moment continue, is depends on us.

U can ask anyone any study tips. Ask more and more.
But without study, No one can ever reach the "sky"

Indeed, a large amount of knowledge is needed.

Now you are getting older.
So, when it the time for u to be matured?

When ?
Ask yourself. Dont blame the world.

To be matured, it is within ourselves.
Your own battle with yourselves.

As with any sensitive issue, our human emotions are our greatest enemy. When our sensitivity is violated, there is an urge to react immediately to it and that immediate reaction is usually driven by our emotions.

We angry, Dissapointed. Sad. 
The Emotion itself is our enemy.
We let it cover up our manners by yelling disobediently, Getting angry.

Completely lost.

Want to be a winner in your own battle ?
Be Patient,

Otherwise, "Patience is half of our taqwa"
Because the life is a transient shade.

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