Sunday, 17 April 2016

"He found you lost, and he guided you"

" Can I ask something ? "
" Sure , anything "
" Allah tak bosan ke dengan kita ? "
Its obvious actually
The answer is obvious. But , you can't see it cleary with your heart.
Why ?
Because it was meant to be seen by your faith.
But , somehow
It is nice to be described
Sometimes , the only reason why you couldn't see the answer. Because you were broken . By this world , by the test that he sent to you. You were blinded by them.
You are losing hope. You are losing faith
You are giving up on this path.
" Does he ever listening "
" Allah dengar ke permintaan orang macam aku "
Trust me
I've ever questioned god worser than you ever did. If you meant to say such crap like.
" Kau tak faham aku "
" Be in my shoes "
I'll kick you ass. I'll send you to death 😂
I was once in your shoes. Perhaps worser than yours.
" Does He ever listening "
" Did He bored ? "
He did, he does and He will always be and He never get bored on you dude. He would never be.
Regardless of the countless sins you did , and how many times you disobeying him.
He never get bored of forgiving you
He never get bored of accepting you
He never get bored of welcoming you
Again and again
And amazingly, even for the countless mistakes you've done. He didn't directly smacked you down. He touched your heart instead.
" وَوَجَدَكَ ضَالًّا فَهَدَىٰ"

[He found you lost , and he guided you]
If you ever done a mistake to a person.
He might forgive you for the first time you did. But , if you keep repeating the same mistake on him.
I guaranteed that your ass might be kicked by him. And you'll probably never see him again in your life.
But , It never be the same on how did you do the same mistakes to Allah.
You did a sin
He forgive
You did it again
He forgives
You did it again and again
He still forgives
You left Him for months. Disobeying him for years. Doing sins for your lifetime. Whenever you think of going back to him.
He will be there for you
Healing your wounds. Forgiving your sins. Giving you hopes and accepting your du'a.
Its never about He is getting bored on you. Its about , are you getting bored on him ?
Chill up dude
Wake up. Fa'firu Ilallah :')

Berdoalah dengan yakin bahawa Allah akan mengabulkan doa kita, dan ketahuilah sesungguhnya Allah takkan mengabulkan doa daripada hati yang lalai :(

Sentiasa hidupkan kami dengan iman ya Allah.
Amin yaa Rabb.

Catatan Nurrul Hadzriena, 8:42 pm.

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